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1 – Etablish connection with your PC

Hello and welcome to the first article of this blog.

You are probably here because you just received your brand new GameShell and you’re wandering…

Hmm, what I have to do now ?

Or maybe not. After all, it takes everything to make a world!

It is obvious that the first thing to do when you receive (finally) your GameShell is to mount it.
I will not explain how. Firstly because the instructions are rather clear, and secondly because others have already done so before me!

Also I invite you to take a tour on YouTube if you really have problems. But of course if I could get by in half an hour, anyone can … :)

The first thing I advise you to do is to establish a connection with your PC thanks to your WiFi.
It is very simple to do, although a little tedious given that there is no keyboard.

What ? Connect to my PC via WiFi ? And why not USB ?

Yes, I can understand that it may seem a little confusing. We would expect that it is enough to connect his GameShell to his PC with a suitable cable to access the memory of the μSD card, as with an iphone an Android phone for example.

Know that it will not be the case. Maybe someday in an upcoming update, who knows.
But don’t worry, you WiFi-phobe (which I am part of), we will quickly see a way to do without!

So, turn on your device.

The main menu of the Clockwork OS should appear after severeal differents screens.

Actually you are in what we call Launcher. Please remember that

Use the D-Pad to move througth the different entries and go to the one on the extreme left : Settings


By default your GameShell should have the WiFi turned ON. So you should can see the WiFi icon on the top right corner with an “i” inside. This means that WiFi is enabled but not connected to a network.


Go to Wi-Fi in the menu and press the button to scan (look down to see what each button does).

The message Wifi scanning appear and soon the networks appear. Choose one you like and enter your key.



Ok, fine. But what’s now ?

Now you can use an SSH and/or an FTP client from your PC to interact with your GS (actually the µSD).

SSH ? FTP ? What’s that ?

I will not explain you what is it exactly. But let’s assume that FTP client will make a kind of explorer application  for your µSD and that SSH a command prompt. Both will be very useful !


Now be sure to get the last update of the OS. Many of usefull procedures you can get in the forum could be already integrates into it ! And that’s good because we’re going to need it now.

First you can check your version of the Clockwork OS in the entry About of the Settings menu and look at Kernel. 


To update, make sur your WiFi is connected and go to Update entry of the Setting menu. Press the right button to check for new update and follow the instructions.

With the last update you should be able to create an USB connection to your PC. The Gameshell will not be recognized as a mass storage device, but it will be as if it were connected to the network: you can use your FTP and SSH clients.

Go to Settings and choose Network gateway switch


Choose USB Ethernet


Now if you connect your GS to PC via USB cable, it should be recognized as a COM Gadget or something like that. You have to install drivers to use it.

If you are on windows, please follow the Petrakis tutorial and start on the step Setting up Windows driver.


Voilà, this is finish for today. On the next article I will explain you how to use an FTP client to add some games and emulator on your GS !

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